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Drawer Box

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  • Height

    • 80 mm


    • Loading capacity 35 kgs
    • Clip on inside
    • Self Closing
    • Soft Closing
    • Adjustable height (up and down)
    • Adjustable left and right
    • Adjustable front and back
    Model NºLengthLength InsideMin. inst lengthMin. inst height
    BOX21/270270 mm260 mm275 mm115mm.
    BOX21/300300 mm290 mm305 mm115mm
    BOX21/350350 mm340 mm355 mm115mm
    BOX21/400400 mm390 mm405 mm115mm
    BOX21/450450 mm440 mm455 mm115mm
    BOX21/500500 mm490 mm505 mm115mm
    BOX21/550550 mm540 mm555 mm 115mm
  • Drawer box
    Capacity 40Kg.
    Adjustable height (up and down)
    Adjustable right-left
    4 dimensions
    Self-Closing, Soft Closing

    Modelo NºLengthLength insideMin. inst.lengthMin. inst. height
    GCAJA270270 mm.244 mm.275 mm.100 mm.
    GCAJA300300 mm.274 mm.305 mm.100 mm.
    GCAJA350350 mm.324 mm.355 mm.100 mm.
    GCAJA400400 mm.374 mm.405 mm.100 mm.
    GCAJA450450 mm.424 mm.455 mm.100 mm.
    GCAJA500500 mm.474 mm.505 mm.100 mm.
    GCAJA550550 mm.524 mm.555 mm.100 mm.

Showing all 2 results