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Ref. CER2020

  • Digital door lock with 4 access ways, ideal to replace old mechanical lock with modernized solution.
  • The semiconductor fingerprint sensor is helpful to increase door lock security.
  • Digital residential lock
  • Zinc alloy material
  • Stainless steel mortise lock 60x68mm
  • Door thickness between 38 to 110mm
  • Semiconductor fingerprint sensor
  • 6-10 digits password
  • 2 mechanical keys
  • 2 units card
  • Micro-USB emergency power
  • Door bell, low battery alarm etc.

Material Material

Zamak Zinc Alloy

Cerradura de Embutir Mortise lock

Inox Stainless steel 60x68mm

Espesor de la Puerta Thickness of the door


Sensor de huellas dactilares Fingerpint Sensor

Semiconductor Semiconductor

Contraseña Password

6-10 digits

Llave mecanica Mechanical key

2 llaves 2 keys

Tarjeta Card

2 Unidades 2 Pieces

Energía de emergencia Emergency Power


Otros Others

Timbre, Alarma de bateria baja

Doorbell, Low battery alarm

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